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Rope Stands / Leader Flat Rope Barrier

Leader Flat Rope Barrier

Leader Flat Post



Height: 990mm
Weight: 10kg
Post Diameter: 50mm
Base Diameter: 355mm
Connectivity: 4 Way
Weight Type: Cast Iron
Material: Stainless Steel
Packaged: Fully Assembled


The Leader Flat rope barrier is one of the most recognised rope barriers around. The traditional head provides a classic look to your rope and post barriers.



The Leader Flat is the classic rope barrier recognisable from many red carpet and celebrity events that utilise traditional post and rope barriers around the world. These could range from grand openings through to film premiers. This stanchion features a heavy duty stainless steel construction and a cast iron base weighing just over 10 kg. it will look good under spotlights for many years to come. The base has a full circumference neoprene floor protector designed to last the life of the post which protects any flooring from scuffs and scratches.



Polished Stainless Satin Stainless Satin Brass Polished Brass Bronze silver vein gold vein copper vein



Finish Price
Polished Stainless Steel: £47.00
Satin Stainless Steel: £47.00
Polished Brass: £64.50
Satin Brass: £64.50
Bronze: £72.00
Silver Vein: £72.00
Gold Vein: £72.00
Copper Vein: £72.00
Powder Coated: £72.00

All finishes supplied will be guaranteed against corrosion whether it is used internally of externally. The Barriers are tested to ASTM B117 salt spray testing.

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Download the Specification Sheet Download the specification and dimensions of the Leader Flat Rope Barrier.

Product Features

Floor Protector The base has been designed with a full circumference floor protector. The last thing you need when you have expensive flooring is for the barriers that are supposed be a protection for your premises, causing damage to your flooring. The all round floor protector is made from heavy duty, industrial neoprene.
Low Profile Base A Low profile base and a conical shape allows wheel chair users full access to your premises complying with the equality act of 2010. They are also useful if you have a lot of pram or push chair traffic.
Forged Ring A tough forged ring will stand up to rigorous use and easily support any barrier rope. Many posts are supplied with a pressed ring which tends to bend easily and in the long term break leaving sharp edges. This rope post will give years of service.
Polished or Satin Like most post and rope systems, the Leader Flat rope barrier is supplied in Stainless Steel or Brass (polished or satin) finish as well as many other finishes. If you need a specific RAL colour, please call the office to discuss prices and lead times.

Finish Options

Hover over the image for a description. The finishes can be applied to the entire post.

Polished Stainless Satin Stainless Brass Satin Brass Polished Bronze Silver Vein Gold Vein Copper Vein    

Purchasing Options

The Leader Flat Rope Barrier, is a high quality, cost effective rope post. This rope barrier has been a firm favourite in the traditional rope and post industry for many years. A stainless steel tube, and a full circumference neoprene floor protector is standard on each post. The entire barrier is manufactured in stainless steel.


More Information and Models

When you are looking for quality, real quality, the premium range from Brandline Products excels. British made, the Premium rope barriers are machined to a standard higher than any you will see else where. When we say it is a premium range product, we mean it belongs at a higher level than any other rope barrier. The Premium rope barriers are the only models that can carry this off. Why? Because the materials, the craftsmanship and the durability are simply the best.

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