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Barrier Ropes

There will always be a market for Rope and Post barriers. Nothing seems to look as elegant or professional as these rope stands. Choose a modern satin look or a more traditional brass look but still have an end result which will look great. Our range of barrier ropes and rope stands lead the market. From the economy end of the scale with the "Leader" products to the more exclusive "Premium" range, we have a system that will cater for all of your needs.


The Models

The standard models are shown below. Simply add your choice to the basket and when you feel you have chosen your preferred rope and post barrier system, check out.


Velvet Chord

Velvet Barrier Rope


Our Premium Velvet effect rope chord provides an elegant barrier system in any environment. A selection of rope ends.
Rope Length 1.2M - 1.8M
Price From £26.00

Naugahyde Chord

Naugahyde Rope


The Naugahyde Barrier Chord are aimed at more exclusive venues. 38mm in diameter and supplied with a choice of rope end finishes.
Rope Length 1.2M - 1.8M
Price From £59.00

Twisted Rope

Twisted Rope


The Twisted Barrier Rope provides a soft feel and a complicated twist. Like our other rope barriers, the Twisted rope can be supplied in a variation of ends.
Rope Length 1.2M - 2.4M
Price From £17.50

Nylon Rope

Nylon Rope


Polypropylene Nylon barrier rope is strong, lightweight, UV resistant and can be stored wet making this barrier rope ideal for outdoor use.
Rope Length 1.2M - 2.0M
Price From £36.00

Hemp Rope

Hemp Rope


Another premium barrier rope. Beautifully twisted and the sealed and wire tethered with a selection of rope ends.
Rope Length 1.2M - 2.0M
Price From £24.00


Rope Barriers

Brandline Products has been supplying rope barriers since 2003 to the hospitality industry. From queue systems to barrier systems, the rope barriers are the strongest and best looking available. Our products have been supplied to many prestgious venues including some of the most well known tourist attractions nationally.

Rope Barrier Sag

We supply the barrier rope at the dimension you purchase. The barrier ope ends are then assembled on to the rope. By adding the rope barrier ends, it provides sufficeint sag to look make the barrier system give a traditional rope post feel.