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Barrier Ropes

The Barrier Ropes

There are currently three types of rope we offer with our barrier posts. However as we are always looking to manufacture new, alternative types of barrier ropes, we update this range frequently. Follow us on facebook to keep upto date with any new additions,

Twisted Barrier Rope

This popular man made rope is available in 30mm diameter. There are seven attractive colours of this rope: Red, Hunter Green, Chocolate, Black, Royal Blue,wine, and the most popular Hemp.

Velour Barrier Rope (Velvet Rope)

Our Velour Rope provides a more traditional finish. The velvet finish is very popular at heritage venues as well as VIP events. The Velour Rope can be supplied with Chrome, Black or Brass rope ends.

Naugahyde Barrier Rope (Leather Rope)

Our faux leather rope is a thick, sturdy rope which gives an alternative feel and appearance to the types of barrier rope currently available on the market. It is available in five different colours and three colours of rope ends.

Rayon Barrier Rope (Standard Rope)

The Rayon Barrier Rope, is a cost effective rope which is common for VIP events and due to the weight provides a good presentation. The man made rayon material is recommended for limited use.